Evangelism: we believe in the great commission as commanded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20, consequently ICAS seeks to work with churches, student bodies and any other like groups to evangelize the lost. We believe apart from the atoning work on the cross man is eternally lost. ICAS seeks to take advantage of all platforms to accomplish this command of evangelism hence our writing ministry, arts and creativity and our speaking ministry.

                  Apologetics: considering the questions that are being raised in the public squares of our communities, challenging the legitimacy and relevance of Christianity and the emergence of other faiths and ideologies presenting themselves as a credible worldview, ICAS seeks to employ apologetics in evangelism to be able to answer these tough questions in the hearts of many and expose the incoherence in other worldviews so as to clear doubts that seem to inhibit the growth of God’s word in the heart of many. We believe the greatest apologetic is a life well lived before our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

                  Training: to completely fulfill the command in Matthew 28:18-20 which is to also disciple the converted, ICAS would employ practical training so as to effectively equip Christians for evangelism and apologetics.


                   ICAS is not a church but a ministry that believes in the church; as a result we work with and through the church body to reach the hearts and minds of Christians

                  ICAS engages in open forums on campuses and other platforms where non Christians will have the opportunity to test the legitimacy of Christianity’s truth claims

                  Through its writing ministry, ICAS will provoke critical thinking on social issues that confront the church in particular and the society at large. This is to bring the Christian and Biblical perspective to the table on the critical issues shaping hearts and minds today and cause people to reason along lines of truth and reveal the hidden ideologies and Philosophies influencing and underpinning current trends in society. Through these writings, we believe that many can fully appreciate the Christian stance and be emboldened to take a stand in society for truth.