ICAS utilizes the generous donation of partners to facilitate and conduct various training and missionary programs. The donation of funds and other resources helps to provide free training for some interested participants.

Donations are channeled towards these programs

  1. PriQuill Training program: This training seminar is named after Priscilla and Aquilla, and its objective is to train street preachers and village missionaries in the Gospel, equipping and encouraging them to preach the Gospel adequately. This is a free particpation for attendees
  2. Apologetics 101 Training: This a one week introductory training course in Christain Apologetics. It is subsidized for attendees and also offered for free for a limited number of attendees as well.
  3. Missionary Support: ICAS supports missionaries when they embark on specific missionary journeys. These missionaries are associates of ICAS.
  4. Ask, Eat and be Answered: This is our flagship evangelistic module where a community is invited to participate by asking questions about Christ and the Christian Faith whiles being served with food and drinks
  5. Media Missions: From this platform series, documentaries and short videos are produced on the gospel and other Apologetics topics.
  6. General Support: Part of the donations received are employed for office expenses.From this platform

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